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Described as an 'original thinker' and 'thought-leader' by academics and global leaders, Déborah is a Thinkers360 Top 10 Global Thought-Leader. A strategic brain, she is an experienced professional public speaker on subjects ranging from Leadership and Business, to Digital Philosophy in the Humanities, and Emerging Technology. As well as 15-years experience leading educational conferences, she has delivered motivational speeches, keynotes and insightful talks, hosted entertainment events and presented awards at large stadium events, outdoor entertainment and smaller intimate conferences.



Innovation@Work Back to the Future of Work
29th March 2022
Speaker / Moderator
Fireside Chat with
ABN-AMRO's Chief People Officer Gerard Penning  Event Details

Photo and comment: Thanks to Angélique Parisot-Potter
"What an insightful and engaging session"

"It was a lovely relaxed feeling session and covered so many important topics!", Programme Editor - The Economist


Insightful KEYNOTES 

As a professional keynote speaker Déborah delivers thought-leadership through engaging keynote speeches and suits hosting and speaking at non-sales orientated events, such as:

  • Corporate - Motivational, Leadership, Visionary

  • Innovation - Digital, Future, Creativity

  • Entertainment - Music & media industry

  • Education, Skills & the Future

Sample keynote subjects:

  • The future of business, boards and work

  • Leadership - In the digital renaissance / Building future-proof leaders

  • Sustainability modelling and social consciousness

  • The future of humanity, culture & digital philosophy

  • The future of media

  • Digital, technology and media ethics

  • The future of education and skills

  • Inspiring innovation

During her career, Déborah has attended advanced presentation skills, vocal skills, stand-up comedy and tv presenter courses, which have helped her craft and deliver enriching, engaging and entertaining talks and speeches.

If you are interested in discussing suitable talks, event hosting or awards presented by Déborah, please contact her international agent at Chartwell Speakers for fees and bookings. Thank you.

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