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In addition to her role at Digital Skills Authority, and her own digital, technology and media ventures, Déborah maintains a wide industry experience across boards on companies in the UK and North America, as a CEO & Chair. A strategic brain, her key business skills include business, corporate, group and marketing strategy, innovation, leadership, digital business, technology and governance.
 Highlights and Impact

(Key Industries: Media, Tech, Fashion, Automotive, Travel, Entertainment)
Brands: Luxury, LifeStyle, High-Tech, Cutting-Edge, Knowledge, Impact)

Digital Skills Authority - USA and UK - President

Digital Skills Authority and publisher and global industry awarding body for digital and business skills founded by Déborah.  A profitable group with a net value of over $7-million, it's interactive audio visual e-learning programs include The Certificate in Online Business Series. It also delivers consultative classroom programs through it's own academy of industry trainers, or licensees 'Licensed Training Providers'. For non-competing programs, through it's 'DSA Professional Diploma Series', it provides accreditation and certifications for established global consultancy, professional service, training and membership organisations around the globe, with a focus on cutting-edge and future skills. Déborah is responsible for overall strategy, leadership, governance and group structure of the companies, including the boards and senior executives.

Portman Collier - Group CEO

A part-time venture, Portman Collier is holding company with an executive production function with shareholding in three High-End TV, Film and Publishing ventures, including a magazine TV series format, an animated comedy series, a large scale theatrical film and Digital Skills Authority.  Déborah is also Chair of a board of 6 and executive producer leading business and creative, on a dedicated large scale theatrical film project company during the funding, planning and development phase, which is co-owned by Portman Collier the current primary investor.


​Déborah blends business strategy with digital and technology innovation. Conceiving the ideas and strategic plans, she then initiates and steers leadership teams to deliver the projects.  Digital Skills Authority is one of Déborah's innovations, and is part of the group of companies. She is currently developing an exciting project she has been incubating for almost 15-years.

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