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Deborah Collier's present and future focused work on boards, companies, educational organisations, writing, speaking and other media is focused on four core areas:

Strategy Leadership


Déborah's strategic experience in industry spans over 20-years, in areas such as business, marketing, digital, information, education, governance, technology and innovation. Inspired by supporting organisations and individuals to make meaningful impact, whle minimising risk, she used a blend of broad experience, creativity, logical reasoning, structure and planning,  to develop strategic planning methodologies for digital business, marketing and advertising, incorporated into leadership and management certifications that she developed and taught from 2009 - 2016. Her established programs, frameworks and methodologies are used by leaders  at blue-chip companies, SME's and government organisations around the globe.  She also spent a number of years offering strategic advice to blue-chip companies internationally. As the Futurist Leader® Déborah uses a broad spectrum of knowledge, to decipher how technologies and practices can either be innovated or leveraged in intelligent and ethical ways right now, or in the future. She  blends research with her own knowledge and new information to predict trends, before considering strategy for the future. She has a particular ability to see most scenarios like a map, either looking down at an overall view, or as a tree branching out with different scenarios, options, risks, benefits and solutions. She then finds an optimal pathway to a goal or solution, using a blend of logic and creativity.  She has the ability see patterns and make interesting connections, which helps when formulating a model or roadmap with business, creative and logical actions and ideas, as well as for disaster prevention.



Déborah's 18-year Director and business experience spans private companies and government-funded education organisations. As well as Directorships in the UK and USA, she is a Non-Executive Director at on the corporate board of a UK government-regulated skills education management organisation, with it's creative and arts college, and a charity.  She supports good governance, scrutinizes risk, and provides constructive challenge on executive decision-making and performance. From 2009, Déborah developed a revolutionary 'Digital Governance Framework', taught and used by Fortune 500, FTSE100 and government organisations around the globe including SMES.  She is ranked 4th in the world by Thinkers360 in their Global Thought-Leaders Top 10 for Legal & IP, for her insight and experience on digital governance, and the business of  intellectual property. She has appeared on live radio and Channel 4 News for opinion on the future, policy and regulation of social networks and the tech giants.  She is currently a Chair on a media company and maintains both a wide industry contribution and experience through her CEO and Chair positions.

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Déborah's 20+ years leadership experience springs from a management role at PriceWaterhouseCoopers,  and then onto leading and building companies, and steering teams to deliver their objectives.   She is recognised as a strategic and innovative leader across digital, business, education and media. A strategic and reputation leader, her influence in marketing, was recognised in 2016 when listed as a Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World, after gaining a 200,000+ readership to her strategic insights newsletter, and a 3.65-million audience reach on social media.  Déborah shares her leadership insights in her blog and keynotes, and plans to launch content through other media in the future.

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Déborah's past creations and innovations have included:


  • A scaleable branded magazine format TV Series

  • A global industry skills awarding body 2016 - present

  • A series of business certifications (digital business, e-commerce and marketing) delivering global impact 2009 - present

  • A pilot educational network of over 100,000 business leaders, department heads and managers 2014-2015

  • A scaleable music brand, series and portal with music downloadable via mobile (2005-2007)

  • The first ever E-Commerce enabled art gallery 2001

At Future Knowledge Group (Future Innovations) already with it's first venture Digital Skills Authority, Déborah is working on a new 360 venture.




Déborah's multi-disciplinary career and interest weaves her insight, logical reasoning and thinking on ethics in Digital Philosophy in Humanities. She is particularly interested in evolving culture, energy, strategy and impact of digital on humanity.  Please watch out for updates here and on her blog shortly.

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